Home Staging Sells Homes Faster, and for Higher Prices

In today’s buyer’s market, a professionally staged home makes all the difference!  It’s not enough to de-clutter, clear your counters and clean-up the home.  Buyers want an updated home that fits their family and lifestyle.  We work with you to transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale!

Occupied Home Staging Services


As an Occupied Home Staging Specialist, I work with you to get your home ready for a beautiful listing “presentation”

I will do an evaluation of the exterior as well as the interior of your home room by room, proposing changes, updates, and repairs needed that will make a big difference in the marketing of your home and profitability when you sell

Following this detailed two-hour consultation, you will know exactly what is needed to do to get your home ready, how much you want to do yourself, and/or if you want to use any of the other services I provide.

Fee: $200

Photo Prep

Once the project is complete, I will come back for a couple of hours to put the finishing touches right before the photos for your listing are taken

Remember, gorgeous photos strengthen your marketing position!

Fee – $170

Hald Day Staging

  • I will spend time (4 hours) with you refining what you’ve started and using your newly purchased items that will complement what you have
  • I provide creative, organizational solutions so that you are able to prep your home within 20 minutes for showings!

Fee: $350

Full Staging Service

You will receive a Home Preparation Plan to complete beforehand

When the preparation is completed I return to your home to execute the staging. Using creativity and what you have in terms of furniture and accessories we will spend up to a day working with you putting together beautiful rooms for maximum photo impact and buyer traffic!

In the case that we are missing something in terms of accessories, we will compile a list to have at hand before photos are taken.

Fee: $700

living room staging
kitchen staging
bathroom staging


“A single day with me can make all the difference in the sale price of your home”

I work with you every step of the way!

Call me to exchange information

I am Jovita my Phone # 910 317 0931