What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is MARKETING Tool, where the house goes through a makeover to produce positive impressions for buyers.



What is a Home Stager?

A Home Stager is a trained professional who understands the market, what buyers are looking for and who will assist you in the preparation of your house objectively.

Is Home Staging necessary?

Yes, the goal of Home Staging is to remove buyer objections and give the home a move-in ready look that will ultimately result in a faster sale

Can I stage my own home?

As a homeowner is hard to see your home objectively to please others, and the thought of changing what you like will get in the way of addressing what is important to achieve a faster sale.

What is the cost of staging a home?

Typically for every 1%-3% value of the home you invest in staging, you will see an 8%- 10% value in return.

What is involved in staging a home?

The Home Staging Process starts with a Consultation where an assessment of the home’s needs is done in order to create a Plan of Action. It involves curb appeal, de-clutter, de-personalize, emphasize, lighting, condition, color, updates needed, furnishings, flow, focal points, etc. The goal is to create a vision that buyers will fall in love with!


What is Home Redesign?

Home Redesign is another word for re-decorating. We work with you in bringing to life your desire for a fresh look for your home.