Vacant Home Staging

Why Stage a vacant home

Sterile, cold and uninviting are the most popular words to describe an empty room. Our goal is to give this empty space a meaning, to add enough home furnishings to make it warm and inviting so buyers make an emotional connection and visualize themselves living in it. Nine out of ten people don’t see the wonderful possibilities your home has to offer them, they just can’t picture it, Staging it will make it easier.

Initial Consultation

  • Meet with the home seller
  • Go over the process
  • Review of the home
  • Discussion of goals and budget
  • Proposal


  • Take careful measurements and photos of each room
  • Furniture planning and assessment of furniture to match the style of the home and target buyer
  • Work with a rental company to source out the furniture and accessories that best fit the style of the home
  • Staging day, meet furniture rental movers and supervise the proper placement of the furniture
  • Placing all of the accessories and hanging the artwork
  • De-staging day, packing an removal of our accessories and in some cases supervising the removal of the furniture.



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