Staging helps sell your listings!

98% of Real Estate Agents believe staging is necessary, but only 20% actually incorporate it.

Selling a home quickly and for the most money possible makes sense, With nine out of every 10 buyers viewing photos of homes online first, it becomes critical for those photos to be of beautifully staged rooms and elaborate photo shoots are becoming a mainstream part of the buying process.

The benefits of providing Home Staging Consult to your clients to help the home sell faster are numerous:

  • Gives you a unique competitive difference and sets you apart from the crowd of Realtors who may contact the Seller
  • You will have happy clients, a home that sells quicker before having to reduce the price translates to more money for everyone
  • Greatly improved marketing, over 80% of home buyers are online FIRST before they visit the home
  • Gives you Credibility, being “all things”  to all people waters down your credibility. Sellers will listen to someone who specializes in ONE thing
  • Using a professional Stager allows you to focus on what you do best listing homes and serving your clients
  • Gives you Industry Status, with a reputation for professionally staged listings, agents will show your homes more in order to save themselves time
  • Gives you more control, incorporating professional staging becomes automatic, once begun
  • Your referral list will grow as a result of happy clients bragging about their realtor bring in a “Stager

79% of Home Sellers are willing to spend money on improvements…they just don’t know where

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At Last Home Staging & Redesign located in Onslow County, also serves the areas of Pender and New Hanover Counties.


Home Staging is a MARKETING Tool!

    Home Staging is not only for Vacant Homes

      Home Staging works for All Homes, Vacant or Occupied

                    At Last Home Staging takes pride in working with your sellers in creating the appeal buyers want while they are still living in their home

              Using Creativity, Objectivity, and Expertise, we will transform your Occupied Listing into a product “Buyers” are looking for!