Let’s Talk About Our Process and “Plan”

  • First, we sit down with you and discuss your home, goals, and expectations.
  • We will explain to you our approach for maximum results.
  • We start with a general walkthrough of the home to get a sense of the space, furnishings, and gathering “first impressions”
  • We will then do a detailed walkthrough and a proposal based on the needs of the home, your budget and time constraints.
  • We will work with most of you have but in some instances, we will recommend purchases or rentals to update the look 
  • We will be opening built-in cabinets looking for staging resources and suggestions for de-cluttering   
  • If time allows we would love to share some techniques, we will try to stage one of your rooms to show you what staging can do to transform a space to make it appeal to buyers
  • We will be taking lots of photos to aid us in this process


  • Do not take our suggestions personal, we are decorating for the “buyer”
  • Keep an open mind in terms of future revenue, your home is an “investment” 
  • Think of staging as merely polishing your home to “sell” for greater returns
  • Relax and enjoy this process as much as possible