Occupied Home Staging Services

At Last!! Home Staging for Occupied Homes…

Thinking of Selling your house while still living in it?

With your determination and our guidance, we can get your house ready for a beautiful “listing presentation”

On-Site Consultation – $200 (two hours)

We transform the spaces of a home from…hum to WOW!

During the consultation, we will review the exterior of your home starting at the curb. First impressions start with curb appeal. The entryway must then be inviting, leading to clutter-free and well-staged rooms throughout the house.

Our goal is to impress potential buyers and real estate agents each and every time you show your house.

The average time for the consultation is two hours or could take longer depending on the size or condition of the home.

The consultation is a MUST in order to determine the needs of the home, in the event the home is almost ready to be staged we can skip to Half or Full Staging Days.

We provide you with a blank report where you can write all the suggestions given to you as we walk and talk.

Half Day Staging $380 (4 hours)

During this time we roll up our sleeves and together start staging the main areas of the home following the steps of the consultation.

Full Staging Day $650 (7 hours)

Some homes require more hours of staging, following the steps of the consultation we will roll up our sleeves and start staging the main areas of the home.

The above services are critical just before professional MLS photos are taken!

kitchen staging
bathroom staging

“We work with what you already have and go from there”

“We suggest purchases to enhance what you have”

“We recommend updates to reduce buyer hesitations”

We work together to get your house ready for a  beautiful “listing presentation”